Lightscape is a social enterprise providing creative services and products. It is the work of Roman Torres, a Philadelphia US based creative director and photographer currently exploring the theatrical and cinematic nature of the city and landscape around him. 

In urban environments, his focus is on the fleeting interaction between the weight and texture of the built, the spectrum of ever moving light and the pedestrian actors that roam free... unaware of the beauty they create together.

Off the grid, his explorations focus on finding opportunistic beauty in completely unpredictable scenarios. At the whim of weather, light and circumstance, his landscape and travel work is simply about capturing impermanence. Through tone and tenor, these images are less about the specific place and more about the colors, textures and patterns that connect us all, regardless of geography. 

His personal work is heavily influenced by his background in design. In his day-to-day he is the creative director at Moto Designshop, an award-winning architecture practice.

Bolstered by his formal training in architecture, the bulk of commissioned photography is focused on architectural, product and retail photography. Bringing with him his experience in design, clients from across the spectrum of built work have trusted him to capture the intricacies and nuance of their work. 

Social Enterprise

In honor of that which connects us all, Lightscape is a social enterprise. 100% of our net profits (income-expenses and cost of goods) is earmarked for a curated group of charitable organizations focused on social justice causes. This year, our focus is social justice and immigration. Capturing and leveraging beauty into support for social justice warriors and organization embodies the heart of the work Lightscape creates.


If  you interested in working with us or desire custom large format prints, please use the form below and reach out! Our approach, fee structures and availability are fluid and on a case by case basis. Due to Covid19, projects involving air travel are not possible until further notice.